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Vision of St. Mary’s Educational Society :
  1. To Build an edifice of erudition.
  2. To benefit one and all
  3. To stay rooted to goodness.

As per the vision St. Mary’s Educational Society Reg. No. 104 , dt. 16th March 1998, G. Kothapalli, Giddalur Tq. Prakasam Dt. A.P. India, established

  1. St. Mary’s College of Education (B.Ed) in the year 28-02-2003,
  2. St. Mary’s Institute of Elementary Teacher Education in the year 26-08-2005
  3. St. Mary’s College of Education (M.Ed) in the year 22-06-2007
  4. St. Mary’s Telugu Pandit Training College Established in the year 22-06-2007

At Buchireddypalem Post & Mandal , Nellore Dt. A.P. India.

B.Ed., course 1st Affiliation in 2003-04
M.Ed., Course 1st Affiliation in 2007-08.

All these colleges have registered.  Professional excellence with in a short span of time.

In this era of dynamism, St. Mary’s Educational Society has kept pace with the latest  trends and development in various field, such as education.  B.Ed., M.Ed., D.Ed., & T.P.T. colleges  are recognized by the N.C.T.E., Bangalore (S.R.C) affiliated to S.V. University, Tirupathi, Chittore Dt. A.P. India and approved by the State Govt. of Andhra Pradesh, India.

We are sincerely invite national counsel for teacher education (NCTE) to take development standardize the teacher training programs at different stages in India with our co-operation


St. Mary’s College of Education ( B.Ed ) FAP/NEW/B.ED/83/SRO/NCTE/2002-03/6/09,
DT. 28-02-2010.
CODE : APSO 0026
St. Mary’s Institute of Elementary Teacher Education F.SRC/NCTE/DEd./2005-2006/2531,
dated 26-08-2005.
CODE : APSO 02597.
St. Mary’s College of Education (M.Ed.,) F.SRO/NCTE/M.Ed./2006/-7/5102,
dated 22-06-2007
CODE: APSO 4891.
St. Mary’s Telugu Pundit Training College: F.SRO/NCTYE/TPT/2006-2007/5089,
dated 22-06-07
CODE: APSO 5166.
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